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H54-31 Drinking tank top paint

Summary: The data, uses and recommendations of the above products are given based on tests and practical experience, and can be used as a reference during construction. This product is only suitable for professional use, use other than the formulation and construction without our knowledge, we only guarantee the quality of the coating itself. With the development of products and the accumulation of experience in use, we have the right to modify the instructions without notice.
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Composition Two-filled coating consisting of epoxy resin, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent and curing agent.
Characteristic The paint film has good water resistance, sea water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and other properties, high solid content, good anticorrosive effect and so on.
Use Anticorrosive primer for tanks, drinking water tanks, tankers and food industry containers. This coating is approved by the health and epidemic prevention station and can be used as drinking water tank coating.
Painting method Brush, roll, high pressure airless spray.
Theoretical dosage 0.35 kg / m2 / channel
Colour White
Density About 1.28 kg / l
Dry film thickness 120 ~ 150 microns
Match A: B = 100: 40 (weight ratio)
Thinner and dilution ratio Special thinner
Maturation time After the A and B components are mixed well, they must be aged for 30 minutes before they can be used.
Drying time Surface dry: 4 hours, hard dry: 24 hours
Applicable time At 25 ℃, it will be used up within 8h, and it is not suitable for construction when it is lower than 5 ℃.
Painting interval At 25 ° C, apply it once a day. When the temperature is low, it must be determined according to the dryness of the paint film. Generally, it can be applied with a little stickiness.
Flash point 22℃
Front road supporting Epoxy zinc-rich primer, H54-33 drinking tank primer
Shelf life 12 months


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