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HJ52-1 Epoxy silicone topcoat

Summary: The data, uses and recommendations of the above products are given based on tests and practical experience, and can be used as a reference during construction. This product is only suitable for professional use, use other than the formulation and construction without our knowledge, we only guarantee the quality of the coating itself. With the development of products and the accumulation of experience in use, we have the right to modify the instructions without notice.
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Composition The inorganic-organic polymer formed by organic modification is made into the latest technology products with high content, low VOC and high weather resistance. Packed in A and B components.
Main features Excellent weather resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, good gloss durability, after 1000 hours of accelerated weathering test, the coating has no change; the coating is non-combustible and flame retardant; it is resistant to water and salt solutions, acid salts Splashes from solutions, alkaline salt solutions, petroleum foods, and organic solvents have superior resistance; excellent adhesion; the coating has excellent pollution resistance, abrasion resistance, scrub resistance, surface lotus leaf effect, and self-resistance. Clean function.
Use Used for almost all substrates such as metal, glass, stone, wood, interior and exterior walls.
It can be used for maintenance surface coating projects of new buildings and old buildings. It can be used for secondary coating on various organic topcoats, interior and exterior wall coatings, and special glass, thereby greatly improving its decorative, antifouling and scrub resistance. Resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance. Strongly adheres to the surface of treated steel, galvanized parts and inorganic zinc coatings, providing long-term effective corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Particularly suitable for ① steel structures: bridges, municipal works, ships (deck and superstructures; hull waterlines; offshore platforms); ② tanks and pipes; ③ industrial and power plants: power plants, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, Chemical industry and petrochemical industry; ④ Transportation: Surfaces of railway trucks, buses, trucks; ⑤ Concrete walls.
Basic parameters Color: various colors
Gloss: with light
Dry film thickness: 120μm
Theoretical dosage: 210g / m2
Drying time (25 ℃): surface drying ≤0.5h, solid drying ≤36h
Fully cured: 7d
Overcoating interval:
Substrate temperature: 5 ℃ 25 ℃ 40 ℃
Shortest: 24h 18h 12h
The longest: 7d
Match Component A: Component B = 5: 1
Surface treatment All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from contamination. It should be evaluated and treated in accordance with ISO8504. This product is used for other substrates, please consult our technical department.
Matching paint for front road Water-based inorganic zinc-rich primer, alcohol-soluble zinc silicate primer, epoxy zinc-rich primer, low surface treatment rust-proof primer, special rust-proof rust-proof paint, epoxy zinc phosphate primer, epoxy-mica-based Rust paint and so on.
Construction Conditions The substrate temperature is not lower than 5 ° C and at least 3 ° C above the air dew point (temperature and relative humidity should be measured near the substrate). Good ventilation is usually required to ensure that the paint dries properly.
Construction method Spray, brush and roll.
Construction parameters Service life after mixing (23 ° C): 4 hours (decreases with increasing temperature)
Thinner W series special thinner
Shelf life 12 months


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