S52-21 Elastic polyurethane coating


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S52-21 Elastic polyurethane coating

Summary: The data, uses and recommendations of the above products are given based on tests and practical experience, and can be used as a reference during construction. This product is only suitable for professional use, use other than the formulation and construction without our knowledge, we only guarantee the quality of the coating itself. With the development of products and the accumulation of experience in use, we have the right to modify the instructions without notice.
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Composition After curing, the product has a smooth surface without joints, which can keep it clean and difficult to stain, and has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance. At the same time, it can reduce noise due to its elastic characteristics.
Use The product is recommended for places where a highly aesthetic environment is required to meet comfort and noise reduction requirements.
Features and benefits 1. Environmental improvement: Provide a comfortable and motivating working environment;
2. Excellent abrasion resistance: reduce maintenance costs;
3. Reflect modern art: give full play to the inspiration of designers, just like works of art;
4. Easy to clean;
5. Safety and anti-slip: elastic anti-slip floor to create a safe environment;
6, flexible and comfortable: help prevent foot pain and employee fatigue;
7. Reduce noise: prevent noise from walking.
Main performance index Tensile strength: 35N / mm2, bonding strength: <2.5N / mm2
Elongation at break: 160%, Shore hardness: D45
Resistance to cigarette burns: qualified, noise reduction: 4 ~ 7db
Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, construction temperature: minimum 10 ℃, maximum 35 ℃
Package Base coat: 27.5kg suit, main coat: 30.0kg suit, fine filler: 15.0kg packing, throwing material: 25.0kg packing, top coat: 10.0kg suit.
Shelf life Under the conditions of 15 ° C to 35 ° C, the shelf life is 12 months.


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